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Bio/Introductory Post

Welcome to Six-String Scanlations, a faux-scanlation group that translates Pixiv comics. We will mostly be focused on stories revolving around Spain, but we are more than happy to take requests!

Meet the Mods!

artemis_elric: Artemis is an American college student who hails from the Midwest. She is majoring in International Studies and is the editor/typesetting half of the team. She met Elisa something like five years ago on deviantART and was recently able to visit her in person. It was an amazing week and the two of them solidified a great friendship. ♥ She cosplays Spain frequently, and her other fandoms include Ace Attorney, Tales of Abyss and Symphonia, FMA, Ouran, and Durarara!!

monelisa is a half-Spanish, half-Japanese college student living in the East Coast of the US, studying Computer Science as her major. She is the Japanese→English translator of 6String Scanlations, also serving as typeset checker, and secondary script editor.

Although she is not fluent in Japanese, and she has had very little formal classes with the language, she has had previous experience as an English translator & editor in a joint collaboration with pao_8d for D.Gray-man doujinshi scanlations. English is her most fluent language.

Her favorite character is Ivan Braginsky/Russia, and she loves Spain with all her patriotic heart (XD) She shares the same fandoms as Artemis_Elric, in addition to D.Gray-man, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Gintama, Bakuman, and many others :)

History of 6String Scanlations

One night, on October 19, 2010, Artemis_Elric sends an original pixiv link of Impatience to MonElisa, asking for a script translation of the comic. She furthermore sends a link to The Very First Time, asking for a rough translation.

After these late-night translating, MonElisa impromptuly suggests that they "form a project" (which in 2AM language means "create a partnership") over scanlated comic strips from pixiv.net. A couple of comic strips later, they produced final goods and opened the six_string_scan community on October 24, 2010.

Origin of the Community Name


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